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Checking for a healthy Mouth in Scarborough

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Taking Care Of Your Teeth For Life

Regular visits to your nearest Scarborough dental clinic can seem excessive to some people. Many make the mistake of only visiting a dentist in an emergency. Cracked or broken teeth, painful toothaches, or even loose teeth often take priority over a general checkup. 

There are several reasons people neglect to take better care of their teeth with the help of a specialist. The inconvenience of having to schedule an appointment in your busy calendar, a limited budget, or even a fear of visiting the dentist can all play a role in your hesitation.  

With this article, we hope to change your mind and give you more insight into what to expect during a routine checkup.  

Why Regular Visits Are Essential 

Most of the time, emergency dental issues could have been avoided if the patient had booked an appointment long before their teeth deteriorated. Dentists use these checkups to assess your oral health, resolve decay, and note potential issues. Instead of waiting for cavities to grow larger by the day, eventually injuring your nerve, a dentist can fix them quickly. 

What To Expect From Your Visit 

You may be surprised to learn that routine checkups are less invasive than expected. Usually, dentists will use a mirror to assess the general health of your teeth. This can be followed up by x-rays if there is an area the dentist would like to have a closer look at. 

Lastly, we will take you through proper care advice and answer any of your concerns. If you have any serious issues, we will ask you to schedule another appointment to avoid them worsening. 

The cost of a regular checkup is much cheaper in comparison to emergency visits which can result in bills piling up long after you’ve had to extract a tooth. Additionally, if you have a phobia of going to the dentist, it is best to communicate this with your dentist. Professionals will always try to ease your discomfort and make it a more pleasant experience.  

We all only have one set of adult teeth; therefore, it’s important that we take care of them properly to keep them in good condition.  

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About The Author

Dr. Kasia Dymerska, DDS

Dr. Kasia Dymerska DDS, believes in a gentle approach to dentistry. She enjoys all aspects of general dentistry and is a strong advocate for preventive dental care. She graduated with distinction from the Faculty of Dentistry, Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry at Western University, in London, Ontario. Then she began a General Practice Residency at the London Health Sciences Centre. Dr. Dymerska prides herself on communication and being multi-lingual helps maintain her commitment to providing individualized care to keep her patients smiling.

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