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Cosmetic Dentistry Can Change Your Life For The Better

There is a common misconception that cosmetic dentistry in Scarborough can be an unnecessary expense. This form of dental work is often associated with vanity and beauty only, but it can add value to your life in more ways than one. While it is fundamentally focused on enhancing your gums and teeth, it improves more than just their appearance. 

Many assume that discoloured, stained, broken teeth and receding gums are all minor dental issues, but they can develop into more severe damage. This is where cosmetic dentistry can support you with services such as teeth whitening, dental veneers, dental crowns, and dental bridges.  

Read on to discover some of the benefits of cosmetic dentistry.  

Future Cost-Savings 

We all have one set of adult teeth and need to take care of them to ensure we avoid costly damage in the future. With time, our teeth deteriorate, but preventative cosmetic dental procedures can help. There are several ways you can enhance your teeth and gums now, as an investment for the future of the teeth. 

Boost In Confidence 

Common adult dental issues include cracked, stained or even chipped teeth. These issues lead to lower self-confidence, and we rarely smile or laugh. However, once you go in for a dental bonding or whitening procedure, you will feel more comfortable sharing your natural smile, which can have you living a more authentic and enjoyable life.  

Added Protection  

A combination of poor dental hygiene and less than favourable genetics can sometimes leave you with teeth and gums worse for wear. With time, you will find more decaying teeth, which can lead to expensive bills in the future. Cosmetic dentistry can address this by providing you with added protection with dental implants and crowns.  

While the primary goal of cosmetic dentistry in Scarborough is centered on appearance, there is more to it than just the beauty factor. The Dorset Dental team will help you regain control of your smile, finances, and future with our expertise.  

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Dr. Kasia Dymerska, DDS

Dr. Kasia Dymerska DDS, believes in a gentle approach to dentistry. She enjoys all aspects of general dentistry and is a strong advocate for preventive dental care. She graduated with distinction from the Faculty of Dentistry, Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry at Western University, in London, Ontario. Then she began a General Practice Residency at the London Health Sciences Centre. Dr. Dymerska prides herself on communication and being multi-lingual helps maintain her commitment to providing individualized care to keep her patients smiling.

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