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Dorset Dental Emergency Services
Are you in pain? Do you have a toothache? If so, you need emergency dental care. Our team of experienced dentists and hygienists is available 24/7 to help you get the relief you need.

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Understanding Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies are urgent dental situations that require immediate attention. They can range from severe toothaches to knocked-out teeth, and require the expertise of an emergency dentist. 

At Dorset Dental, we understand the importance of immediate care in these situations, which can make a significant difference in outcomes, including the preservation of your oral health. Our Scarborough emergency dentist is always ready to provide the emergency dental care you need.

Identifying a 24 hour dental emergency 

Common dental emergencies include:

  • Knocked-out teeth
  • Loose teeth
  • Chipped, cracked, or broken teeth
  • Abscessed teeth
  • Lost or broken dental restorations

It’s crucial to recognize the symptoms and signs of these emergencies to seek timely treatment. Any dental situation that causes problems, loss of sleep, pain, or discomfort should be considered an emergency. If you’re experiencing a need for a dentist specializing in emergencies in Scarborough, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our Emergency Dental Services at Dorset Dental

At Dorset Dental, we work towards providing:

  • Relief from dental pain
  • Dental care and support during evening and weekend hours
  • Treatment for various dental emergencies

Our commitment to providing superior care includes making sure every patient we see has available options to achieve their smile goals. We’re open evenings and weekends to suit your busy schedule and we welcome walk-in patients. We also try to provide same-day emergency dental treatment. Our range of dental services in Scarborough ensures that we can assist with any dental problem you might have.

Why Choose Dorset Dental for Your  Emergency Dentist in Scarborough?

We offer:

  • Prompt and compassionate care
  • Availability and accessibility
  • Affordable emergency dentistry services

Our team at Dorset Dental believes that it’s essential to support our patients round-the-clock. For this reason, if you need emergency dental care for any issues after hours, you’ll find our dentists available to help you any way they can. Our Scarborough dental center is equipped with the latest technology to provide the best emergency dental care.

Preventing Dental Emergencies

Regular dental check-ups and maintaining good oral hygiene play a vital role in preventing emergencies. Regular checkups can prevent more costly treatment down the line. Affordable preventive dentistry at Dorset Dental can prevent more costly treatment down the line. Remember, many emergency treatments can be avoided with regular dental visits and good oral health practices.

Patient Information

In case you require emergency dental care in Scarborough, call us or drop in to our Dorset Dental office right away. We’re always there to make sure the best quality care is provided and patient care is seamless leading to faster recovery. If you’re looking for a dentist in the Scarborough area who can provide same-day emergency services, give us a call.

Understanding Oral Surgery in Dental Emergencies

Oral surgery is often required in emergencies, especially in cases of severe dental injury. It’s important to understand the role of oral surgery in managing same day dental care to ensure optimal outcomes. Our emergency dental clinic in Scarborough is equipped to handle a wide range of dental emergencies, including those that require immediate dental surgery.

The Role of Emergency Dentistry in maintaining a Smile 

Emergency dentistry plays a crucial role in maintaining the aesthetics of your smile. From replacing knocked-out teeth to repairing chipped or cracked teeth, emergency dentistry at Dorset Dental provides quick solutions to restore your smile. If you’re in need of an emergency dentist in Scarborough, don’t hesitate to contact us.

The Role of our Emergency Department 

The emergency department staff at Dorset Dental plays a pivotal role in helping you get emergency dental care. They provide immediate care and pain management techniques to alleviate discomfort and ensure patient safety.

In conclusion, understanding the importance of emergency dental care and knowing when to seek help can save your teeth in a dental emergency. At Dorset Dental in Scarborough, we’re committed to providing prompt and effective emergency dental care to ensure your oral health is never compromised. 

Whether you’re dealing with tooth pain, a fractured tooth, or another dental emergency in Scarborough, our professional dentists are here to help. Don’t let a dental emergency disrupt your life – get to our office for the care you need.

For more information about our services, please visit our blog or learn about our emergency dental care service in Scarborough , If you’re a new patient, check out our New Patients page for more information.

Key Takeaways

  • Dental emergencies require immediate attention and care.
  • Dorset Dental provides a wide range of emergency dental services in Scarborough.
  • Regular dental check-ups and good oral hygiene can prevent many emergencies.
  • Our Scarborough dental centre is equipped with the latest technology to provide the best care.
  • If you’re experiencing pain, don’t hesitate to contact our office.



Q: What services does Dorset Dental offer in Scarborough?

A: Dorset Dental is a full-service dental clinic in Scarborough offering a wide range of dental care services, including emergency dental care, dental fillings, dental bonding, dental crowns, root canals, and more.

Q: How can I contact Dorset Dental?

A: You can contact Dorset Dental by phone at 416-261-2946, or by visiting their website and filling out their online contact form.

Q: Does Dorset Dental have an emergency dental clinic in Scarborough?

A: Yes, Dorset Dental has an emergency dental clinic in Scarborough to provide prompt dental care in case of a dental emergency.

Q: Do you accept new patients at Dorset Dental?

A: Yes, Dorset Dental accepts new patients. You can schedule an appointment by calling 416-261-2946 or filling out the online contact form.

Q: How important is dental care?

A: Dental care is essential for maintaining good oral health and preventing dental issues such as tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth loss.

Q: What do I do if I am experiencing tooth pain?

A: If you are experiencing tooth pain, it is important to visit your dentist as soon as possible to determine the cause and receive appropriate treatment.

Q: How soon can I get a dental appointment at Dorset Dental?

A: At Dorset Dental, we strive to schedule appointments as soon as possible for our patients, therefore we accept walk ins, Especially in case of a dental emergency.

Q: What can I do for immediate relief in case of a dental emergency?

A: In case of a dental emergency, you can rinse your mouth with warm water, apply an ice pack to reduce swelling, and take over-the-counter pain medication for immediate relief. However, it is important to visit an emergency dentist as soon as possible for prompt dental care to avoid further complications.

Q: What are some common dental emergencies?

A: Some common dental emergencies include fractured teeth, severe toothache, knocked-out tooth, loose tooth, broken dental filling, and abscessed tooth.

Q: Why do I need an emergency dentist in Scarborough?

A: An emergency dentist in Scarborough can provide prompt dental care in case of a dental emergency, which can happen at any time and should not be left untreated.

Q: How can a professional emergency dentist in Scarborough help me manage dental emergencies?

A: A professional emergency dentist in Scarborough has the expertise and equipment to provide immediate dental care for many dental emergencies, including dental fillings, dental bonding, root canals, and dental crowns, among others.

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The Scarborough Dentist You Can Trust 🦷 

Are you in pain? Do you have a toothache? If so, you need emergency dental care. Our team of experienced dentists and hygienists is available 24/7 to help you get the relief you need.

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